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12/23/2008 Call

Project Tools

  • Mailing list set up here: (mailto:educommons_dev@…)
  • Documentation: Plone
  • Bug Tracking: Trac
  • Milestone management: Plone Software Center or Trac (We need to look into this further)
  • Centralized document repository: Trac wiki
  • IRC Channel for eduCommons (#educommons)
  • List out on a page: each person's contact info and work schedule David Ray (9-5), Brent Lambert (10-6), and Jon Thomas (9-5)
  • Next call: Monday, January 5th 9AM Mountain/11AM Eastern (discuss ifPeople testing schedule and update where the setup of the project tools are currently at -

1/5/2009 Call

Jon working on unit tests. he will add doc to trac about that. a "template" being used selenium tests originally created with a firefox plugin and are in selenium core. makes sense to switch over to selenium rc at this point create page on trac for selenium information, old and plans for new Tom putting plans for project site onto Trac this week: dave working on search and replace; brent working on installation; jon working on unit tests Tom setting up mailing list (temp solution)

Meetings scheduled: Weekly planning meetings (all) -- Monday 9am/11am/2pm mountain/eastern/argentina Selenium tests call (Tom, Santiago, Chris) -- Tuesday: 130pm / 330pm / 630pm mountain/eastern/argentina Unit tests call (Jon, Emanuel, Chris): Wed: 10am/12pm/3pm mountain/eastern/argentina