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Existing and upcoming releases for this project.

Experimental Releases

eduCommons 3.2.0-eng (Alpha release)
This release will solidify existing functionality in eduCommons as well as add several key features (see associated feature proposals). Unit tests and functional tests will be added, along with installers for PC, Mac, and Linux. The 3.2.0 feature list is currently locked, but we are always interested in additional feedback and collaborations.
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Stable Releases

eduCommons 4.1.2
Support for LTI producer export, bug fixes and minor enhancements
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eduCommons 4.1.1
Minor release with security fixes installed and bug fixes in migration.
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eduCommons 4.1.0
A new release of eduCommons 4 with a muted login for administration, updated Spanish translations and numerous bug fixes.
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eduCommons 4.0.2
Added several bug fixes to 4.0.1 release
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eduCommons 4.0.1
eduCommons 4.0.1 is an update based on the new Plone 4.0 infrastructure. Just like Plone 4.0 it focuses on speed and performance, with many of the operational code base on the back end being refactored to be up to date. It also includes a number of new features, as well as integration with OpenStudy and Highlighter. It also has a complete UI makeover to make it current with the latest web designs.
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eduCommons 3.2.1
This release will add several key features to the 3.2.0 engineering release (see associated feature proposals), as well as migration support for earlier versions of eduCommons.
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eduCommons 3.1.1
This release further stabilizes the 3.1.0 release, and includes fixes for RSS and skinless view.
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