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eduCommons 3.2.1

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This release will add several key features to the 3.2.0 engineering release (see associated feature proposals), as well as migration support for earlier versions of eduCommons.

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Release Notes

Tested with Plone 3.1
State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager Tom Caswell
Released 2009/07/31

This version contains many innovative features, including the following:

•    eduCommons can now import from IMS Common Cartridge, IMS Content Package, MIT course downloads, Blackboard IMS, WebCT Vista, WebCT 6.1/7.0, and Moodle Backups
•    eduCommons can now export to IMS Common Cartridge, IMS Content Package, and IMS Package for Moodle
•    WordPress page imports and exports for eduCommons content
•    Publish entire eduCommons site to static HTML
•    Additional RSS added to view most recent items
•    Support added for additional metadata in rdf/rss views as well as OAI/pmh and OpenSearch

We would love to get your feedback, and we extend a special invitation to all those interested in joining in development, testing or localization efforts for this project. Please report bugs and other feedback directly by emailing info [at] educommons [dot] com.

Feature enhancements in this release

The following features are associated with this release:

Refactor RSS
Allow RSS for harvesters and "normal" RSS consumers (like the last 5 most recent objects). Add language to the item level, and express rights, if available.
Refactor IMS
Implement CommonCartridge IMS spec. Enhance IMS Transport so it doesn't put the course in a subfolder when it is packaged (Or make it so the course image knows to look in that course folder). The IMS product also needs to be reworked so the .zip file is useable in the "Download this course" section.
Push site to static HTML
Allow the ability to publish static HTML from an eduCommons site.
Leftskin (eduCommons skinning) Improvements
Update leftskin to break up some color customization options.
Refactor Multimedia Support
Implement Plone4Artists (or our own Audio and Video file support if theirs is not ready)
Allow import/export of courses to/from Moodle
Allow the ability to import and courses from Moodle and export them back to Moodle
Load Testing
Load Testing should be done for eduCommons
Improved documentation for eduCommons, including screencasts
eduCommons Course Import/Export for WordPress
Allow export of eduCommons courses into WordPress and import of WordPress blog content into eC
Integration of OAI code and Open Search plugin
Integration of OAI code and Open Search plugin