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Roadmap for eduCommons

Roadmap index
An overview of the upcoming releases for this project. Participants in the project can add new features to the list.

eduCommons 3.0.2 (Unreleased)

Tested with Plone 3.0
License GPL

Final release for 3.0.2

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No improvement proposals associated with this release.

Apr 20, 2009: eduCommons 3.2.0-eng (Alpha release)

Tested with Plone 3.1
License GPL
Proposal freeze May 23, 2008
Feature freeze Jun 06, 2008
Expected Release Apr 20, 2009
Repository branch svn

Release Manager: Tom Caswell

This release will solidify existing functionality in eduCommons as well as add several key features (see associated feature proposals). Unit tests and functional tests will be added, along with installers for PC, Mac, and Linux. The 3.2.0 feature list is currently locked, but we are always interested in additional feedback and collaborations.

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Associated feature proposals

In progress
Installers (Linux-flavors, Windows, and Mac) (Tom Caswell, Kursat Cagiltay, Middle East Technical University, Ankara - Turkey)
Unit tests and functional tests (Tom Caswell)
Global Find and Replace (Marion Jensen, USU OCW, Terri Bays, ND OCW)
Existing Bug fixes (Tom Caswell)

Proposals being discussed

These proposals are currently under consideration for inclusion in an upcoming release.

Proposal Type Proposed by Added Target Release
Delete confirmation User interface, Architecture David Wiley , Tom Caswell Jan 07, 2009
Framework for HTML snippets support User interface, Architecture Terri Bays Jan 07, 2009
Machine Translation via Lingua Plone User interface, Architecture Tom Caswell Jan 07, 2009
Usability Study Preparation, Testing, Analysis, and Reporting Architecture Tom Caswell Jan 07, 2009
Dynamically add course name to title tags for SEO purposes Architecture Cathy Schulz Apr 08, 2009

Rejected and Deferred Proposals

Rejected and deferred proposals have been moved to a separate page.

You can also view all proposals or draft proposals.