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#57: Installers (Linux-flavors, Windows, and Mac)

  1. Motivation
  2. Proposal
  3. Deliverables
Create unified installers for eduCommons that support linux, windows, and mac platforms.
Proposed by
Tom Caswell
Seconded by
Kursat Cagiltay, Middle East Technical University, Ankara - Turkey
Proposal type
Assigned to release


Our primary motivation is to make it easier to distribute eduCommons more widely on windows, mac and linux. Installing eduCommons manually requires technical expertise and could be a barrier to those seeking to install it locally to try it out.


RPMs should be created for the major linux flavors (The exact distros need to be determined by the community. Probably CentOS/RHEL and possibly SUSE and Ubuntu). Windows and MacOSX installers also need to be created. The Windows installer should be capable of running on a desktop as well as a Windows server.


Installers for linux, windows, and mac.