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eduCommons Contributors

A page to recognize and thank our eduCommons sponsors, partners, and contributors.

Development Partners

The following organizations and individuals have made significant code development contributions to the eduCommons project:

Translation Partners

We appreciate the translation work of the following individuals, and other :
  • Simplified Chinese translation (zh-cn) Credit: Jessie Zhu, Utah State University
  • Traditional Chinese translation (zh-tw) Credit: Haishuo Lee, NCTU OCW Office
  • Spanish translation (es) Credit: Guillermo de la Torre, UPM
  • Japanese translation (ja) Credit: Takeshi Yamamoto
  • Turkish translation (tr) Credit: Nergis A. Gurel, Instructional Technology Support Office, Middle East Technical University and Beril Ceylan, Department of Computer Education and Insructional Technology, Ege University
  • Hindi translation (hi) Credit: Jyoti Bawane, Ph.D CES, Indian Institute of Education
  • Italian Translation (it) Credit: Antonio Fini, LTE, University of Florence

Testing Partners

The following individuals have made extensive testing contributions to the eduCommons project:

  • Santiago Suarez OrdoƱez
  • Terri Bays, University of Notre Dame
  • Cathy Schulz, University of Notre Dame
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